Suddell Architects & Builders is a diverse firm committed to the belief that “Architecture” Is profoundly capable of enhancing the quality of our daily experience.
In 1985, our offices opened Designing and Construction residential and commercial projects. Since then, we have a portfolio that includes, but is not limited to, residences, barns, home theaters, dormitories, corporate headquarters, interiors and retail space. Our buildings identify color, light, scale, proportions, “chi” and history. These building blocks are what formed our stellar reputation and have inspired people who experience them.

Why Choose Us?

As Architects and Builders, we mainstream this process of design through completion of construction. This vertical “Turn Key” system allow you the consumer to speak to the Architect as you speak to the Builder, we are one of the same. No annoying conflicts or delays.  “One stop shop.

With Sandpiper Cabinetry, our firm has expanded into millwork and cabinetry fabrication. Cabinetry is an integral facet to the construction and should be in harmony with the architectural and interior design.  Our firm networks with some of the leading interior designers to complete the process.

We pride ourselves on our team of professionals from carpenters through interior designers.

George H. Suddell – Principal Architect and Builder

George Suddell graduated from the New York Institute of Technology in 1981. Right out of school George was a proponent of the Design/Build process, well before it gained popularity.  He has been invited by the American Institute of Architecture as an expert lecturer on the process.  He has promoted the Design/Build process through lectures across the country (New York, Boston, Chicago, Kentucky & Cincinnati) and as far away as Singapore and Chili.

Our mission has always been to perfect the finishes. As he was once quoted in a 1995 AIA article “It starts with the finishes”.  He recognizes that, as the consumer, you see the end product.

Through his construction firm, Suddell Builders, Inc. he follows the principles of great design by bringing quality craftsmanship to every project. A Suddell project ensures quality that comes from creating with passion, care and attention to detail